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Who Tested This?

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I had a stroke 4-1/2 years ago (minor – I’m 100% recovered)  I have to go see my doctor once a month to have my blood tested to monitor my blood and hopefully prevent another stroke.  They prick my finger.  I bleed into this little receptical.  The receptical is inserted into a hand-held blood reader thingy and -Viola – after about 5 minutes we have the results.  Based on what the hand-held blood reader thingy says, my medication may or may not be adjusted.  About 50% of the time the test fails –  it reads high.  My doctor, skeptical of the test results, has my blood drawn and sends it to the lab where the test passes everytime.

As I was sitting in the doctor’s office yesterday awaiting my test results I was pondering comments I made recently about Exploratory Testing and Agile.  I started to wonder – who tested this machine and the software that runs it.  If it was tested, a key test was over-looked.

The part that really scares me – if it reads “correctly” (within range), my doctor trusts the results.  If it reads incorrectly (out of range) she doesn’t trust the results and does the lab work.

The tester in me is concerned.  If you can’t trust the bad results, what makes you believe the good results are valid.  I explained my concerns to the doctor.  She gave me a perscription for Valium.  Look at all the pretty colors!


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  1. shilpa says:

    This is my top fear after becoming a tester. I look for bugs everywhere. This is real fear and I should learn to leave my work (looking for bugs) at home.

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