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The Scarlet Letter

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Pilloried and stoned.

I told you so!

Much like a nonbeliever in the 17th century, I dared to question the common religion of the day and was sent to the pillory of the software testing town center, racked, and publically stoned by the true believers.

My crime – I made a wise crack to a collegue in what I thought was a personal email – it wasn’t. I made a joke about her discussing the “A” word (Agile).

Within minutes my cell phone was pinging endlessly with unsolicited inputs from the A Puritans. “How dare I!” In fact one person even told me I was allowed to pick on specific A implementations but not the A process as a whole. What!?

Four of them eventually lined up and threw stones at me all night. The sad part is, I don’t believe I was disparaging anyone personally. I was just expressing my opinion about the “rigid rules” of A. My discenting opinion was not welcome at all. I was essentially told to get in line and drink the Kool-Aid with everyone else. NO!

My comments apparently drove the owner of the site to implement a new censorship policy of all unfriendly, anti-A posts. Is it 1939? Anyway, I think they were trying to disuade me from posting or sharing my non-conformist beliefs. They achieved just the opposite. Not only did they completely validate everything I had said previously, I am now driven to oppose them even harder.

For those of you that don’t follow my posts, I will repeat what I have often said – it is not the A process I disagree with, its the inflexibility of the Church of A and it’s true believers. I actually like and use much of the A process. But there are parts I don’t. I like to tailor my approach to the company, schedules, staff, etc. Which brands me as a non-believer – with them it’s all or nothin’ (name the movie/show). You see, I assumed A was synonymous with flexibility. I guess not.


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