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Help! I Need Somebody…..

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Sorry – too much Beatles Rockband 🙂


I’ve got some downtime coming up and I want to take advantage of my idle hours to work on Dave’s Perfect Defect Management System (DPDMS), code named “Unicorn”

I am currently in the “Requirements” or project definition stage. If anyone has any inputs as far as what they think Unicorn should look like, what features you would like to see, etc., please feel free to contact me at: dwhalen14@gmail.com.

Here’s kind of a broad scope….

Unicorn is a project-based, customizable defect management system. The system will allow user organizations to create a customized solution that may be applied across numerous software development projects. Each project may have a customized defect work flow. User Actions will be based on the current state of the defect record and may be limited based on User/Owner role. The defect workflow will be based on a fully customizable State-Owner-Action Transtion model. The actions available to a given user/owner may be limited based on the current state of the defect and the user/owner’s role – or not.

I’m also looking at Unicorn to be a Web-based application vs. a Client/Server model. I’m building it in .NET with a SQL Server back-end

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Cap’n Dave
Pirate Tester
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me!



  1. Why does the world need yet another defect management system ? This must be the most overpopulated application space in the world.

    Now, if you redefined DPDMS to be “Dave’s Perfect Deployment Monitoring System”, that would be another matter – there’s nothing approaching perfect in that space.

  2. Cap'n Dave says:

    But are the any “perfect” ones?

    I’ll work on Dave’s Perfect Deployment Monitoring System as soon as I finish this and Dave’s Perfect Test Management System (DPTMS) – code named: Bigfoot. Maybe I’ll call it “Nessie”!

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