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To Certify or Not to Certify….

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Time for my 2-cents worth….

There has been an ongoing argument in the software testing community about the value of tester certification programs.  Mostly against them.  Personally, I am for software testing certification.  As usual, I’m in the minority.

I view software certification programs much like degree programs.  Is my degree less valuable, or worse, invaluable because I didn’t graduate from Harvard or Stanford?  I don’t think so.  But, I’m sure there are those who graduated from Harvard or Stanford that would disagree with me.

Having any certification basically just means that you understand, to some level, a specific body of knowledge.  In my opinion, any certification is better than no certification.  At a very low level.  I put more emphasis on the certification holder’s desire to improve their knowledge and understanding of software testing.  Is any one certification program “the” program? – no.   Is certification a replacement for experience? – nope.  Should certification be required for any job – No way!  Should we shun all certification programs? – Not so fast.  Let the market decide (that’s right I have an MBA).  The crap programs will disappear and the better ones will survive.  I like some of them.  The others – not so much.  I’m waiting for the dust to settle.  The ones that require you pay to take their classes? – Absolutely not!

Bottom line – take all of these certifications for just what they are – a specific belief system or body of knowledge.  Research them all and select on that meets your needs.  Even better, read, read, read.  The more you know, the better.

Go Zias!!!


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