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I’m Baaaack…Again!

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After a couple of stints with companies that blocked all blogs, I’m finally somewhere where I can once again make regular posts.  Sorry for the extended absence.

So what’s on my mind today…..hmmm.

I recently completed 2 contracts.  One was long term – almost 2 years.  I absolutely loved it there.  Sadly, due to budget cuts they couldn’t keep me or offer me a permanent position.  Oh well.  It happens.  The second contract was supposed to be 1 year but after 3 months, I had had enough.  I was miserable.  I mentioned to my supervisor that I wasn’t feelin’ the love.  The next day they ended the contract. $%^&!

So here I am on my next opportunity.  It’s actually a company that I worked for about 10 years ago.  So far, so good.

My last 2 gigs involved a lot of test automation using Fitnesse and Selenium (WebDriver, not the IDE).  I was never really into automated testing and avoided it like the plague.  Not so much now.  I’m actually enjoying it.  Once again I’m deep into Fitnesse and Selenium.  I seriously need a Java class though.

Anyway, I hoping to write much more in the future.


Capt Dave


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