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Certification My #$$!

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Fraud! Charlatan! Lying ba$tard! And other strong words as well! Once again I find myself exploring the world of Software Tester Certification. Or should I say underworld. Not much has changed since my last visit to the dark dungeon (thanks for that term Jenn!) of tester certification. As usual, the journey just pi$$ed me off. Most of the major certification providers are self-serving idiots – one in particular – I won’t mention them here. I actually did a conference presentation for them once….I paid my own way, my own lodging, etc. I thought I might get to meet the head of the organization – Nope! I got absolutely nothing for my troubles. I did get to spend 3 days in Las Vegas though so it wasn’t a total loss.

So if you’re looking for a certification with any value, you’re sadly out of luck – Sorry. Don’t waste your time. If you interview with any company that wants “certified” testers – run away! They’re clueless.

I’m waiting for the dust to settle and see who remains standing in the certification arena. Then maybe I’ll back one. Highly unlikely. Oh, don’t be fooled by important sounding “institutes” or “academies”. Any idiot can create and institute, academy, or association. Many of them are important-sounding scams. Run away! Writing a book doesn’t make you an expert either. Most of the “test celebrities” I have met are complete frauds. There are a few good ones – very few!

Maybe I should start one…hmmmmmm! I could so do this!

Bottom line – do your homework!


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