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Damn The Customer – Full Speed Ahead!!!

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I’ve about had my fill of the boys and girls in Redmond!  First Windows 8, and now Team Foundation Server.  

First let’s discuss Team Foundation Server.  Microsoft sticks to their typically arrogant “my way, or the highway” approach. Lord help you if you want to do things different than Bill – or now Steve – think you should.  You can’t!  Want to set up your own defect work flow? No – use ours.  Want to add additional fields on a defect report?  No we gave you everything you need.  Want to be able to link things to make thing easier on you?  We already gave you everything you need.  Customize anything?  Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

Then there’s Windows 8!  They take a way little things that are completely annoying.  First I have to log off before I can shut down.  I love the new tiles but I want them arranged the way I want them arranged.  But no…they are arranged automatically with no way to turn it off.  Sure I can create my own group of tiles, but within the group – auto arrange.  Want to close an app or a window?  Why?  OK, we’ll let you do it but it’s not going to be easy. We never liked that convenient little red X thingy – so we removed it.  Deal with it!  I swear they have meetings to come up with ways to annoy their users.  When you’re the only game in town I guess you can get away with that sh*t!  Arrogant bastards!  But, there’s an alternative right?  Not so fast.

Apple did the same thing on their a recent iOS release.  Want to listen to your music in the order the tracks appear on the CD.  No!  What you really want to do is shuffle your songs in a completely random order like we do here at Apple, so we’re removing that pesky “in order” functionality that we feel you no longer need.  Why?  Because we’re smarter than you!  Although to be completely fair and honest, I think Apple fixed the music order thing in their last iOS upgrade.  It does appear to play tracks in order now. 

Next time I promise to give you something more upbeat, something snappy…lol


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